General terms of use

These terms determine the terms of use of our website , as well as the purchase of our products. Before using this website, read both these terms of use and the terms of cookie policy and Privacy policy. The user of this website agrees and accepts these terms. Otherwise it is requested not to use the website or the online store. Our company can modify all the terms of use at any time. Finally, the user who places orders by submitting the order guarantees that he is at least 18 years old with legal capacity.


The website may use coolies in order to improve the user experience while browsing it and to improve the overall quality of its services. Cookies are small text files that are sent to a user’s computer when they visit a website. Cookies are stored in the memory of the visitor/user’s computer but do not take note of any document or file from his computer and are used only to facilitate the visitor/user’s access to specific services and (sometimes) for statistical purposes, in order to determine areas in which these services are useful or popular for marketing purposes. The visitor/user of the website may set his browser to prohibit the receipt of all cookies or to notify him when sending a cookie. In this case, he should be aware that certain features or services of the website may not function properly without cookies. More about cookies here.

Privacy and personal data protection policy

The personal information you provide us as a user is processed according to the terms of Privacy and personal data protection policy, here.

Sale contract and products availability

As soon as the user completes his order, he immediately receives a confirmation email to the email address he has registered, stating that we have received the order and that it is being processed. This message is not a draft of the sales contract. Once we process the user’s order and confirm that the product is available, then we will send the product to the user and at the same time we will send him a new email regarding the sending of the order. Then the contract of sale is considered drawn up.

In case the user pays the price of the order and finally the contract is not drawn up, then the amount will be returned immediately to the user in a bank account that he will indicate to us. This can happen if the product appears to be available on our website, but is out of stock or defective. Please note that we are not responsible for any products that appear available in the online store but for whatever reason were not actually available. It is also noted that the company has the right to remove any product it wishes from the e-shop, even if it has received an order for it.

Also, in case the user chooses cash on delivery as a payment method, then the contract is considered drawn up only with the payment of the price to the transport company and the receipt of the product.

Product price

The price of each product is the one that appears on our website and includes VAT (but does not include shipping costs, when they exist).

If for any reason there is an error in the listed prices, the company, as soon as it is informed, is obliged to make all corrections and immediately inform the user who may have ordered the change of the price, in order to confirm if he wishes to complete the order or its cancellation an refund. Prices are subject to change at any time, but without affecting the prices of products for which order confirmation has already been sent.

Order procedure-Payment

For the ordering and payment methods , see the terms in the chapter “Product Deliveries”.

Consumer rights-Return policy

Right of withdrawal-cancellation

The user is entitled to withdraw from the contract unjustifiably within an exclusive period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the day the user or a third party designated by the user received the product.

For the return policy, see the chapter “Product Returns”.

Results of withdrawal-cancellation-money return-product replacement

In case of legal withdrawal according to the above and after examining the received product, our company must return the money received to the user within 14 days from the day it was notified of the withdrawal. Refunds for products that have been processed specifically for the specific user can not take place.

In case that the user wishes to replace a product this can only take place if it is available. In this case the company must inform the user without delay and either return the amount according to the above or propose the replacement with any other product. For the replacement of the product, apply all the above that apply for the refund (replacement within 14 calendar days, excellent condition of the returned product, examination by the company, etc.) Replacement for products that have been processed specifically for the specific user can not take place.

Returns of defective products 

In case the user considers that the product he received is defective, he must contact either by e-mail or by filling in the special contact form and return the product. After the company receives the product, it must thoroughly examine it and inform the user as soon as possible, regarding the condition of the product and its rights, whether they concern a refund or a replacement with another product, depending on availability. Refunds or replacements must be made within 14 calendar days of the day the company sends an informative email to the user regarding its review of the defective product. The refund will be made by the same method as the payment at the time of purchase.

Secure transactions 

The website uses SSL certification to ensure the security of the data transferred. The SSL protocol decrypts data exchanged between two devices by establishing a secure connection between them over the Internet.

Liability disclaimer-Security

All issues related to payment policy and security are mentioned in the relevant chapter. Our company bears no responsibility for any lack of availability or delay in delivery or inability to deliver due to force majeure.


This website and its contents, indicative photos, clothes, logos, trademarks, etc. belong exclusively to the company that has built them and are protected by copyright and by applicable national and international law. Their use is expressly prohibited without the written permission of the company or their legal owner. The products, brands, trademarks and insignia of third parties, which appear on this website, are the intellectual and industrial property of those, who are solely responsible for them.

Personal information 

Regarding the privacy policy please go to the link Privacy and personal data protection policy


Regarding to the cookies policy please go to the link Cookies

Modification of the terms of use-Applicable law 

The exclusive right to modify these terms belongs to the company, which can modify them whenever it deems appropriate. Before completing the order, the user must carefully read these terms for any modifications as they are immediately applicable.

Any dispute that arises is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the registered office of the company.