The Purchase process at She-loves is easy, simple, fast and safe with just a few clicks !!!!!

Watch the video that follows the Purchase Completion process.

Follow the steps to order online from the e-shop She-loves

1. Selection of category – subcategory

Use the main navigation menu and select one of the available categories – subcategories that you will find.

2. Product selection – identifying features

Once we find the product we want, select its identifying features (color – size) and press the Add to Cart button. You can continue your shopping or complete your order. In the first case we continue in the same way to add products to the cart.

3. Then and before the completion of the order, we check our products to be purchased by going to the cart. There we have the ability to increase or decrease the quantity and add or remove products.

4. After making sure about the products, we proceed to the completion of the order where we will be asked to give the details of the order (name – address – phone, etc. and to choose a method of payment.

We accept the terms of use and our order is ready to be sent to us.

That’s it !!!!!!!